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ITW Polymers & Fluids, the manufacturers of Galmet, Molybond, Rocol, Devcon, Epirez and Permatex is now offering SCRUB® to the Australian and New Zealand market!

SCRUBS® wipes are second-to-none in quality and effectiveness because nobody understands how to apply the right chemical to the right substrate like us!

The SCRUBS® family of wipes does more than an incredible job of cleaning—it saves you money! Conveniently packaged and premoistened, SCRUBS® wipes keep labour costs associated with cleaning low! They’re easy-to use, incredibly portable and come in premeasured portions that eliminate uncertainty about chemical application and dilution rates.

We’re confident you’ll become a loyal SCRUBS® wipes user in no time!


ITW Dymon is a world leader in manufacturing diverse lines of industrial MRO specialty chemicals and marking systems. Some of their most popular products include hand cleaner towels, SCRUBS in-a-Bucket®, layout fluids, DYKEM® Steel Blue®, and markers, Texpen® and Dalo®.

Dymon was founded in 1970, with its first cleaning product, a heavy-duty industrial degreaser. In 1993, it formulated and patented the first pre-moistened hand cleaner towel, SCRUBS in-a-Bucket®. Today, it manufactures specialty MRO chemicals including cleaners, degreasers, insecticides and sanitizers. In 1998, Dymon was acquired by ITW.