Ultracut Clear – A semi-synthetic water soluble metal cutting oil

Ultracut Clear

Rocol Ultracut Clear is a high dilution, semi-synthetic general purpose water-mix cutting & grinding fluid formulated to provide optimum performance at high dilutions on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ultracut Clear’s versatility enables the user to rationalise to one fluid for both cutting and grinding operations.

Ultracut Clear is formulated to provide a long and predictable sump life with inherent resistance to bacterial degradation.

Ultracut Clear forms a translucent green micro-emulsion when mixed with water which provides a clear view of the workpiece.

Package Sizes

20L, 205L

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
RY561411 20L Green concentrate SDS TDS
RY561421 205L Green concentrate SDS TDS