Bakers Mate HT – High temperature, graphite lubricant for bakery oven chains

Bakers Mate HT

Bakers Mate HT is a non-toxic , high grade, graphite water based lubricant,  containing wetting agents and synthetic polymers for use on bakery oven chains.

Bakers Mate HT uses dispersing agents and binding resins to lubricate bakery oven chains and other high temperature applications.  Bakers Mate HT provides dry film lubrication up to 600°C & can be applied while the chain is still warm ( up to 120°C).
Bakers Mate HT is suitable for continuous production processes where application temperatures exceed 100°C and most water based
products ‘flash off’ before penetrating links and pins effectively.

Bakers Mate HT can be diluted and applied leaving a dry film lubricant suitable for lubrication of oven chains.

Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
RY446320 20L Black, thixotropic liquid SDS TDS