Why does corrosion occur? Corrosion is the degradation of metal when exposed to environmental elements such as water and oxygen. Steel rusts, copper tarnishes and most metals, unless protected, will eventually return to their natural state. In nature, the iron in steel is found only when combined with other elements. An example is iron oxide or iron ore. When iron is extracted from the ore and processed into steel it has a natural tendency to return to its original oxide state. It does

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How does Galmet protect steel? Galmet provides a range of products to protect metal. The products use different chemistries to stop corrosion depending on the level of protection required. Galmet products can protect through the following methods. Providing a sacrificial metal. This is widely regarded as one of the most effective methods to prevent rust. The use of a sacrificial metal for protection is called "cathodic protection". Providing special pigments that "passivate" th

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What is the result of protecting metal with Galmet? By protecting the metal used in structures, plant, machinery and across all other applications we can significantly reduce the cost of asset management, maintenance, repairs, assessments and their associated downtime. Whilst the Steel Fabrication, Utilities, Agricultural and the Oil and Gas industries all look to gain considerably by protecting the metal used, it is Mining and MRO which look to benefit most due to the self-healing mechani

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