Galmet® SprayPaint – Fast-Dry, High Gloss Enamel SprayPaint

Galmet® SprayPaint

Galmet® SprayPaint is a fast-dry, high gloss steel and structural enamel used as a general purpose industrial finishing coat.

Galmet® SprayPaint is formulated to provide a tough exterior coating to protect and beautify metal surfaces.

Galmet SprayPaint’s easy application properties makes it attractive to both experienced and semi-skilled spraypainters.

Galmet® SprayPaint is available in Golden Yellow, Black Gloss, Natural Green, Sky Blue, White, Black Satin, PC Primrose, Black Flat, Ocean Blue, Signal Red, Pewter Grey, Brunswick Green, Silver, Bright Red.

Coverage: Up to 2.2sq m per 350gm can





Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
GSPBLA350 350 g Black high gloss SDS TDS
GSPBSA350 350 g Black satin SDS TDS
GSPBRA350 350 g Bright red gloss SDS TDS
GSPBGA350 350 g Brunswick green gloss SDS TDS
GSPFBA350 350 g Flat black SDS TDS
GSPGYA350 350 g Golden yellow gloss SDS TDS
GSPIOA350 350 g International orange SDS TDS
GSPNGA350 350 g Natural green SDS TDS
GSPOBA350 350 g Ocean blue gloss SDS TDS
GSPPA350 350 g PC primrose gloss SDS TDS
GSPPGA350 350 g Pewter grey SDS TDS
GSPSRA350 350 g Signal red SDS TDS
GSPSA350 350 g Silver SDS TDS
GSPSBA350 350 g Sky blue gloss SDS TDS
GSPWA350 350 g White high gloss SDS TDS
GSPCLA350 350 g Clear gloss SDS TDS