Galmet® FGF – Fence, Gutter, Fascia – Exterior enamel paint to match Colorbond colours for touchup & spot repairs on metal surfaces

Galmet® FGF - Fence, Gutter, Fascia

Galmet® Fence, Gutter, Fascia (FGF) is an extremely durable exterior enamel spraypaint designed for protecting and beautifying metal surfaces.

Galmet FGF will tolerate the high temperatures of the Australian summer down to the sub-zero temperatures of winter nights.

Galmet FGF is suitable for the collection of drinking water.  It is produced in a range of satin finishes to match Colorbond colours.

Heat resistance up to 120°C.

Galmet® FGF is available in a range of Colorbond® colours including: Surfmist, Shale Grey, Dune, Evening Haze, Windspray, Classic Cream, Domain, Harvest, Sandbank, Paperbark, Riversand, Bushland, Pale Eucalypt, Wilderness, Cottage Green, Jasper, Woodland Grey, Loft, Monument, Headland, Deep Ocean, Ironstone, Manor Red, Night Sky, Basalt, Mangrove, Cove, Gully, Terrain and Wallaby.

*Colorbond® is a registered trademark of Bluescope Steel®.


Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
GFSCA350 350 g Colorbond® Classic Cream® SDS TDS
GFCGA350 350 g Colorbond® Cottage Green® SDS TDS
GFMBA350 350 g Colorbond® Deep Ocean® SDS TDS
GFBIA350 350 g Colorbond® Dune® SDS TDS
GFWHA350 350 g Colorbond® Harvest® SDS TDS
GFISA350 350 g Colorbond® Ironstone® SDS TDS
GFJA350 350 g Colorbond® Jasper® SDS TDS
GFHRA350 350 g Colorbond® Manor Red® SDS TDS
GFMA350 350 g Colorbond® Monument® SDS TDS
GFEBA350 350 g Colorbond® Night Sky® SDS TDS
GFMGA350 350 g Colorbond® Pale Eucalypt® SDS TDS
GFMEA350 350 g Colorbond® Paperbark® SDS TDS
GFGGA350 350 g Colorbond® Shale Grey® SDS TDS
GFOWA350 350 g Colorbond® Surfmist® SDS TDS
GFRGA350 350 g Colorbond® Wilderness® SDS TDS
GFAGA350 350 g Colorbond® Windspray® SDS TDS
GFSGA350 350 g Colorbond® Woodland Grey® SDS TDS
GFBAA350 350 g Colorbond® Basalt® SDS TDS