Galmet® DuraGal® Long term protection of steel

Galmet® DuraGal®

Galmet® DuraGal® is a quick drying, bright silver coloured, aluminum rich protective coating (paint). Formulated to provide corrosion resistance to DuraGal® welds and other steel products, providing the appearance of a new DuraGal® or hot-dip galvanized surface.

The high aluminum content in Galmet® DuraGal® provides a superior barrier to moisture and other corrosive agents compared to conventional bright silver paints.

*DuraGal® is a registered trademark of OneSteel Ltd.


Package Sizes

350g, 1L, 4L, 20L

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
GGDSA 350 g Bright silver colour SDS TDS
GGDS1L 1 L Bright silver colour SDS TDS
GGDS4L 4 L Bright silver colour SDS TDS
GGDS20L 20 L Bright silver colour SDS TDS