Galmet® ColdGal – Long term protection of steel


Galmet® ColdGal is a zinc rich coating (paint) which provides long term protection of steel. Galmet® ColdGal contains 98.5% pure zinc and over 92% metallic zinc in the dry film.

When scratched, Galmet® ColdGal produces a self- healing mechanism which effectively reseals the scratched surface.

Metallic zinc coatings are universally accepted as the best method of rust prevention.  Galmet® ColdGal offers this protection combined with ease of preparation and application.


Package Sizes

400g, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 4L

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
GGCGA 400 g Grey colour SDS TDS
GGCG250M 250 ml Grey Colour SDS TDS
GGCG500M 500 ml Grey Colour SDS TDS
GGCG1L 1 L Grey Colour SDS TDS
GGCG4L 4 L Grey Colour SDS TDS