Galmet® ColdGal – Zinc rich, long term protective Cold Galvanizing coating for use on steel, iron & to touch up welds & damaged galvanizing


Galmet® ColdGal provides long term protection of steel and contains 98.5% pure zinc and over 92% metallic zinc in the dry film.

Cold Galvanizing provides long term protection to steel because of the cathodic (galvanic) action between the steel and the metallic zinc in the coating.  This action prevents rust from developing under Cold Galvanizing.  It also produces a seal healing mechanism where the Cold Galvanizing is scratched: zinc oxides and carbonates form in the scratch and effectively reseal it.

Metallic zinc coatings are universally accepted as the best method of rust prevention. Galmet® ColdGal offers this protection combined with ease of preparation and application.

Coverage – Brush: 6 sq m/L @ 7t micron DFT

Thinning not necessary with brush or roller.



Package Sizes

400g, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 4L

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
GGCGA 400 g Grey matt SDS TDS
GGCG250M 250 ml Grey matt SDS TDS
GGCG500M 500 ml Grey matt SDS TDS
GGCG1L 1 L Grey matt SDS TDS
GGCG4L 4 L Grey matt SDS TDS