Ultra High Build Epoxy Coating (733) – Protection & Repair of Concrete Subject to Flow Wear & Chemical Attack.


Epirez Ultra High Build Epoxy Coating (733) is a high performance self priming coating for application to steel and concrete.  It is used for the protection and repair of concrete that is subject to flow wear and chemical attack.

Ultra High Build Epoxy (733) is very suitable for long term protection to waste water and splash zone areas.  It is applied by heavy-duty spray equipment in one application to at least 3mm DFT.  Single applications of this thickness or more minimise application costs and times.

Ultra High Build Epoxy (733) will cure underwater and stand early immersion making it an ideal maintenance coating for splash zone piling.  It can be applied at low tide and will continue to cure under immersed conditions ensuring continual protection of wharf piling, old or new.




Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
E907332 - Compound 16L SDS TDS
E907332 - Hardener 16L SDS TDS