Chocking compounds and coatings approved for use in marine environments.

chockfast_btnEPIREZ is also a proud distributor of the Chockfast® range of epoxy grouting products which are internationally recognised and specified for Marine applications and other international structural standards.

Structural Grouts

EPIREZ Structural Grouts provide a solid and precise foundation for the alignment of machinery and heavy equipment across both the industrial and construction industries. The epoxy and cement based products offer a non-shrink base which provides superior support and enhanced performance and durab

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Protective Coatings

EPIREZ epoxy and acid resistant coatings provide chemical containment solutions and corrosion protection to the Oil & Gas, Water & Sewerage, Mining and Food processing industries. EPIREZ protective coatings are specially engineered to withstand highly corrosive or acid environments by provi

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Concrete Repair

EPIREZ provides a comprehensive range of products specifically formulated to treat spalled and damaged concrete including ‘concrete cancer’. These products offer a rapid cure and non-shrink solution for crack repair across various sized applications. EPIREZ is a leader in the provision of e

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