All the relevant Technical Data Sheets (TDS) specify a cure time based on 1 litre at 25°C.  In general terms, 10°C lower will double the pot-life and cure time and 10°C higher will halve the pot-life and cure time.

To maintain the recommended pot-life and cure time the product should be conditioned to suit the environment for at least 24 hours before required.  For temperature variances that fall outside 10°C, varying methods can be applied to ensure success of application.

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When epoxy cures it has the potential to generate heat, which is called exotherm.

In most cases, the greater the volume the more heat that is generated.  Too much heat can lead to a failure of the epoxy.  EPIREZ have designed products and kit sizes to suit applications that will give the optimum result.

EPIREZ manufactures several types of non-shrink cement grout.  It is important to add only the recommended amount of water as the incorrect amount added can adversely affect the general properties of the cured grout.

No!  EPIREZ manufactures epoxies to precisely match the applications and the related data published.

Any variance from the standard mix ratio will result in a finished product that will have very poor performance characteristics and cure times will generally be longer.

It is advised that ONLY full kits are mixed.

EPIREZ’s technicians and engineers are concrete specialists and we have fully trained Sales and Technical Service Personnel available to meet the needs of industry throughout Australia.

The EPIREZ call centre is available during business hours to offer product selection advice and to assist with product specification enquiries.  Call us today on 1800 063 511.

EPIREZ has a selection of flooring system colours to suit its range of floor coating products.  Most other products are pre-tinted to match the application (eg: repair products are ‘concrete grey’).

EPIREZ products are available through an extensive network of Distributors and Partners nationally.  Go to our ‘Distributors’ page to find a Distributor near you.

EPIREZ products have been manufactured in Australia for over 50 years and are stocked in centrally located warehouses enabling us to transport stock at short notice.  Most of our Distributors carry stock, however on the occasion that an EPIREZ product is not available we can quickly provide stock to shelf.