Safety Data Sheets

Code Name Description Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
D15565 R-Flex 680g SDS TDS
DS-208 5 Minute Fast Drying Epoxy General purpose epoxy adhesive / encapsulant SDS TDS
D10610 Aluminium Putty (F) SDS TDS
D10630 Aluminium Wear Resistant Putty Surface wear resistant epoxy for shafts, impellers, pumps, valves 10kg Aluminium SDS TDS
D11765 Brushable Ceramic Brushable repair and protection epoxy coating for pumps, hoppers etc 1kg Blue - Red SDS TDS
D10050 Carbide Putty Carbide filled abrasion and wear protection epoxy putty 1.5kg Grey SDS TDS
D11705 - D11700 Ceramic Repair Putty Ceramic filled trowelable protection compound for process equipment 500g 1.5kg Dark Blue SDS TDS
D11450 Combo Wear (FC) Fast cure high performance epoxy wear compound 4kg Grey SDS TDS
D12000 Devcon Zinc Zinc rich coating for the protection of metals from rust and corrosion 350g SDS TDS
D11350 Dfense Blok Fast Cure Alumina ceramic bead filled epoxy compound with outstanding wear and abrasion resistance 4kg SDS TDS
D11340 Dfense Blok Surface Wetting Agent Thixotropic epoxy gel system that improves ease of application and cured adhesion properties 500g SDS TDS
D19770 - Hardner Fasmetal 10 (HVAC) Aluminium filled epoxy for bonding and patching equipment 184g SDS TDS
D15800 - D15810 Flexane 80 Liquid Urethane compound 450g - 4.5kg SDS TDS
D15820 Flexane 80 Putty Urethane for lining equipment 450g SDS TDS
D15250 Flexane 94 Liquid Castable non-shrinking urethane compound 450g SDS TDS
D15350 Flexane Brushable 450g SDS TDS
D15980 Flexane Primer for Metal (FL10) Primer for adhesion of all grades of urethanes to dry metals 120ml SDS TDS
D15985 Flexane Primer for Rubber (FL20) Primer for adhesion to urethanes to concrete, rubber, wood, fibreglass 120ml SDS TDS
D10250 - D10240 Plastic Steel 5 Minute Putty (SF) Steel filled fast setting maintenance and repair epoxy putty 250g - 500g SDS TDS
DS-5 - Resin Plastic Steel Epoxy 56.8g SDS TDS
D10210 - D10230 Plastic Steel Liquid (B) Steel filled pourable epoxy for casting jigs, moulds or patterns 500g SDS TDS
D10110 - D10120 Plastic Steel Putty (A) Steel filled general maintenance and tolling repair epoxy putty 500g - 1.5kg SDS TDS
DS-220 Activator Plastic Welder Toughened structural adhesive 28.4g SDS TDS
DDE108 Sprayable Ceramic Blue Ceramic reinforced composite protective coatings for pumps etc 3.8L Blue SDS TDS
D10270 Stainless Steel Putty (ST) Stainless steel filled epoxy for repairing stainless steel parts 450g SDS TDS
D19020 Stop Seize Copper Protection against seizure of carbon steel components 500g SDS TDS
D19030 Stop Seize Nickel Protection against seizure of stainless steel components 500g SDS TDS
D19515 Surface Cleaner Degreaser 1L SDS TDS
D10760 Titanium Putty 450g SDS TDS
D11405 - D11400 Resin Wear Guard Fine Load Compound for wear and protection of equipment conveying fine particles 4kg - 10kg Grey SDS TDS
D11464 - D11460 Wear Guard High Impact Ceramic beaded epoxy for superior impact abrasion 4kg - 10kg Dark Grey SDS TDS
D11410 Wear Resistant Putty (WR2) 500g SDS TDS
D11800 Wet Surface Repair Putty (UW) 500g SDS TDS