Wear Guard High Impact – Ceramic Bead Filled Epoxy system for superior impact abrasion

Wear Guard High Impact

DEVCON® Wear Guard High Impact is a high density, micro alumina ceramic bead filled epoxy system . For superior impact abrasion that protects equipment against tremendous impact and flex.

High Impact is a non-sagging epoxy putty.  It also provides high compressive and impact strength once cured. The product will handle temperatures up to 149°C and is intended for high impact applications in pumps, scrubbers, screens, chutes, handling equipment and screw conveyors. High Impact is the ideal epoxy for combatting extensive wear and erosion.


Package Sizes

4kg, 10kg

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
D11464 - D11460 - Hardener 4kg - 10kg Dark Grey SDS TDS
D11464 - D11460 - Resin 4kg - 10kg Dark Grey SDS TDS