Plastic Steel Putty (A) – A Steel Filled Epoxy For filling, rebuilding and bonding metal surfaces.


DEVCON® Plastic Steel Putty (A) is a steel filled epoxy for maintenance, repairs, tooling and production applications.

Plastic Steel Putty requires no special tools, heat or pressure and once set can be drilled, tapped, machined and painted.  Because it hardens in about 4 hours and will not shrink, it is ideal for repairing pipes, valves and tanks, building up worn equipment, tooling and holding fixtures.

Plastic Steel Putty bonds to just about anything including iron, steel, aluminium, brass, wood, glass ceramics and more.


Package Sizes

500g, 1.5kg

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
D10110 - D10120 - Hardener 500g - 1.5kg Dark Grey SDS TDS
D10110 - D10120 - Resin 500g - 1.5kg Dark Grey SDS TDS