Megawear – Trowelable Ceramic Wear Resistant Coating


Devcon® Megawear is a high density, alumina ceramic bead-filled, toughened epoxy system for protecting equipment from wear and abrasion caused by handling and processing particulate matter in solid or slurry form.

Megawear now and has improved flexibility modifiers for enhanced impact resistance to prolong the service life of industrial plant and equipment, as well as a fast functional cure time of 3 hours to reduce site downtime and prioritise plant availability.

The non-sag formulation of Megawear also ensures ease of use in shaping and mixing the epoxy and provides excellent hang-up on vertical and overhead surfaces.


Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
D11485 - Hardener 5kg Light Grey SDS TDS
D11485 - Resin 5kg Light Grey SDS TDS