Flexane Brushable – Brushable urethane coating for protection against wear due to abrasion and impact


DEVCON® Flexane Brushable is a tough rubber-like urethane compound for making a broad range of repairs for protection against wear, abrasion and noise reduction.

Flexane Brushable is a high performance, brushable urethane coating that cures to a medium hard rubber, Shore A 86 hardness for protection against wear due to abrasion and impact.  Having outstanding tensile strength and very good chemical resistance, this product is excellent for lining and protecting hoppers, chutes, pump impellers, feeder bowls and fans.

Flexane primers are recommended for maximum adhesion to metal, wood and concrete surfaces.


Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
D15350 - Curing Agent 450g Black -finished product SDS TDS
D15350 - Resin 450g Black - finished product SDS TDS