Flexane 94 Liquid – Castable Non-shrinking Urethane Compound


DEVCON® Flexane 94 Liquid is a low viscosity castable, non-shrinking urethane compound that can be used for a broad range of repairs, tooling and moulding applications requiring tough rubber-like material.

Flexane 94 Liquid cures to a rigid rubber material with a Shore A 97 hardness.  Use Flexane 94 for applications that require a faster curing, more rigid urethane than Flexane 80 and shorter demoulding times.

Flexane 94 makes flexible moulds and non-scratching holding fixtures.  Pour and mould cast rubber replacement parts that may have been discontinued.


Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
D15250 - Curing Agent 450g Black SDS TDS
D15250 - Resin 450g Black SDS TDS