Flexane 80 Putty – Trowelable Urethane used to Repair and Rebuild Conveyor Belts


DEVCON® Flexane 80 Putty is a trowelable urethane for repairing and lining process equipment exposed to wear, impact, abrasion, vibration and expansion/contraction. Ideal for conveyor belt repairs.

Flexane 80 Putty can be used for making fast permanent emergency maintenance repairs to damaged conveyor belts and rubber rollers. Used in conjunction with Flexane FL10 Metal Primer and Flexane FL20 Rubber Primer.

Flexane 80 Putty cures to a Shore A 87 hardness.  Particularly easy to use, it requires no special tools or heat.

Flexane 80 Putty is 100% solids, tear resistant, exhibits no cold flow and it retains its shape under pressure like rubber.

Flexane 80 Putty is used to repair process equipment exposed to impact abrasion, vibration, expansion and contraction.  Bonds to metal, concrete, rubber, wood and fibreglass surfaces.

Flexane primers are recommended for maximum adhesion to mtal, wood and concrete surfaces.


Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
D15820 - Curing Agent 450g Black SDS TDS
D15820 - Resin 450g Black SDS TDS