Flexane 80 Liquid – Pourable, Castable, Non-shrinking Urethane Compound for making flexible moulds


DEVCON® Flexane 80 Liquid is a castable, non-shrinking, urethane compound for making rugged, flexible moulds, forming dies, cast parts, non-scratching holding fixtures and abrasion-noise resistant linings.

Flexane 80 Liquid makes precision moulds that faithfully reproduce detail, will not change shape while curing, returns to original shape after 350% elongation and has a 10 hour demoulding time.

Flexane 80 Liquid is the liquid version of Flexane 80 Putty.

Flexane primers are recommended for maximum adhesion to metal, wood and concrete surfaces.


Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
D15800 - Hardener 450g Black - finished product SDS TDS
D15800 - Resin 450g Black - finished product SDS TDS