Appsolv M17 – A8417 – General Purpose Solvent Degreaser

General Purpose Solvent Degreaser

Appsolv M17 is a ready-to-use ” Quick-Break” General Purpose Solvent Degreaser which covers a wide variety of degreasing problems.

It’s “Quick-Break” formula is effective at degreasing in almost every situation, and is an ideal solution for cleaning mining equipment, quarrying and construction equipment, automobile engines and parts and greasy floors.

Appsolv M17 comes ready-to-use, and its high flash point (80°C) means it is much safer than conventional solvent degreasers with flash points of <40°C.

Package Sizes

20L - 205L

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
A8417-20 20L SDS TDS
A8417-205 205L SDS TDS