Duosolve – A8355 – Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser

8355 DUOSOLVE - formulated concentrated solvent degreaser

Duosolve is a scientifically formulated concentrated solvent degreaser for use on the heaviest of greases, oils and grime experienced in the mining industry. A mixture of solvents and surfactants create a highly effective degreasing agent that is water emulsifiable and economical to use.

Due to the occurrence of surfactants within Duosolve, it is possible to mix the product with water to form a degreasing gel, which in turn allows the solution to stay on particularly heavy grease for longer periods of time and on vertical surfaces.

Package Sizes

20L - 205L

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
A8355-20 20L SDS TDS
A8355-205 205L SDS TDS