Airo-Dust® Additive – A3396 – Stone Dust Treatment


Airo-Dust® Additive is a blend of surfactants used as an integral part of the Airo-Dust® process.  The Airo-Dust process is an innovative wet stone dusting method that assists in the prevention and suppression of fires and explosions in underground coal mines.

Airo-Dust® Additive enables the wet stone dust to be foamed onto coal mine surfaces and also works to inhibit the re-crystallization of calcium carbonate. When dry, the stone dust in combination with the additive inhibits caking and assists dispersion during an explosion.

Part number    Description                  Size
A3396-15          Airo-Dust Additive    15 Litre
WEQUIP             Airo-Duster Trailer    1

Package Sizes

15L - Airo-Duster Trailer

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
A3396-15 15L SDS TDS