DMT-C – A3152C – Dust Suppression


Applied® DMT- C Dust Suppressant is a specially designed membrane film for the suppression of dust during the transport and storage of coal and mineral ores. Initially designed as a veneer coating system, DMT-C is now finding application where bulk ore treatments are needed. When sprayed onto the surface or dispersed within the bulk of the coal or mineral ore, the liquid phase evaporates leaving a flexible film, binding particles to prevent dust formation.

DMT-C is administered by spray as a veneer prior to transport.  The product is used at ambient temperature.

DMT- C offers an environmentally acceptable method of controlling dust as it does not contain petroleum fractions, oil, heavy metals or other materials that may impact on the surrounding environment or produce harmful by-products during subsequent processing operations.

DMT-C is operator safe and easy to use.  Automatic dosing systems are available to minimise exposure during application.



Package Sizes

1000L - Bulk

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
A3152C-1000 1000L Opaque SDS TDS
A3152C-BULK Bulk Opaque SDS TDS