Bulldog Gold – A3120 – Heavy Duty Vehicle Wash

3120 BULLDOG GOLD heavy duty vehicle wash

Bulldog Gold is “iconic” within the Australian Mining and Heavy General Engineering Industries as a strong, heavy duty vehicle wash specifically formulated to remove dirt, soils, light grease/oil and road stains from trucks, cars, and buses and all forms of On and Off Road Transport.

The quick Break formulation enables emulsified oils and grease to be removed by interceptors such as grease traps and Coalescing Plate Separator/Triple Interception systems.

Available in 15lt, 205lt drums and 1000lt IBC’s – Bulk deliveries can be arranged.

Package Sizes

15L - 205L - 1000L

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
A3120-15 15L SDS TDS
A3120-205 205L SDS TDS
A3120-1000 1000L SDS TDS