Healthcare & Aged Care

Applied Australia has developed and delivered complete hygiene services and effective cleaning solutions to the Health & Aged Care markets for more than 60 years. Our service meets or exceeds the requirements of all types of Health & Aged Care facilities throughout Australia. For patient rooms, reception areas, washrooms, corridors, high risk areas, kitchen, laundry and hand care, we ensure your staff and visitors feel confident in the hygienic environment of your Hospital or Aged Care facility.


The cleanliness of patient rooms is a major factor in reducing cross-contamination. Applied Australia offers a complete line of high performance products and systems for cleaning and sanitising patient rooms.


For high risk areas such as operating rooms and isolation wards, the cleaning and sanitising procedures are critical. Applied Australia offers a range of cleaning systems to ensure cleaning to the highest standards of all surfaces, floors and hand care.


Hand hygiene is critical. Applied Australia has a range of hand care products and systems to meet your needs.


Training can significantly improve the overall cleaning operation. Applied Australia offers training for supervisors and cleaning staff to ensure the correct cleaning procedures are followed, and that the cleaning systems are properly used.


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