Applied Dust Suppressant – A3324


Settling dust with water alone can be an up-hill battle because water tends to sit on top of the dust particles rather than actually wet them through. Being exposed, the water evaporates rapidly leaving dust particles dry and free to be borne into the air.

The addition of Applied 3-324 for the suppression of dust, conditions the water to penetrate dust particles – fast. Dusts are wet thoroughly and stay settled as a result. The necessity for re-spraying is reduced resulting in less trouble, less cost and an overall better job.

Ongoing use of Applied 3324 not only creates a safer working environment through reducing dust levels and improving visibility, but the significant reduction in water usage minimises the amount of water on the road, subsequently reducing wear and tear on trucks and tyres, the risk of slippage and helps to maintain road friction.

Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
A3324-1000 1000L SDS TDS