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Airo-Dust® is the commercial name for the manufacture and application of coal mine approved stone dust as a wet foam. This patented & approved process consists of five main steps:

  1. Combining mine water and stone dust to create wet slurry stone dust
  2. Airo-Dust® additive is introduced into the slurry stream as it is pumped into the third step in the process
  3. Slurry enters the mechanical foaming unit where air is added to create the designed foam density
  4. The foam is sprayed onto the mine roadway surface
  5. The foam dries as the moisture evaporates into the mine ventilation

The result is a dry aerated stone dust coating that when lightly touched returns to dust. The Airo-Dust® additive (ADA) reduces stone dust caking by inhibiting electrostatic attraction and calcium carbonate recrystallization between stone dust particles.

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