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Silicone Lubricant Spray

A silicone lubricant for light lubrication in clean environments such as the food and chemical industries. When applied, SL Spray leaves a residue of thin clear film, which does not attract dust or dirt, making it suitable for general lubrication. Excellent for lubrication of polymerics (plastics). Not to be used on surfaces that require painting.

Areas of Application:
• Slides
• Small cams
• Packaging machinery
• Chutes

Features & Benefits:
• Operating temperature range -20°C to +250°C
• Non-toxic
• Water resistant
• Product approved for use in registered export meat establishments
NZ MAF Approved C12 (fish, game, meat)


Code Pack Size Colour MSDS TDS
RY502452 250g   Download MSDS Download TDS

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