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ITW Polymers & Fluids manufactures Rocol lubricants from its head office at Wetherill Park, Sydney NSW, Australia. The Rocol brand consists of a range of premium quality technically advanced Maintenance and Service lubricants (MRO) and Site Safety Products.

Rocol is a world leader in cutting fluid technology with the renowned RTD hand applied cutting lubricant for metalworking, a market leader in its range of Foodlube - authorised food safe lubricants and its Sapphire range of bearing greases. The Rocol Site Safety products are designed to make premises, structures and public areas safer for public to use. These include the Easyline range of line marking paints and Safe Step anti-slip coatings.



 Four Ball Weld Test Demonstrations

This video is a demonstration of a standard four ball weld test. We start by showing how the test is set up before going on to run two full tests. The test is deemed to be complete when the ball bearings have welded together under the heat generated by friction and you can tell when this occurs by listening to the motor powering the test equipment. The first test is completed with a general purpose maintenance grease and the second test uses a bearing lubricant from our SAPPHIRE range.

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